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How to Enhance Chances of Tendering Success

Let us believe you organization is in a tendering situation and look at some of the methods and guidelines you should apply to enhance your tendering performance.


First and major, you should determine the accurate regional and functional place you are capable of offering. For some organizations this may be only within their immediate area, for others it will be national and beyond.

When starting the process of you MUST make sure that the place you select can be provided by your organization at the the best possible stage. There is no point in obtaining a large agreement out of your potential to provide. Bad news in the govt industry provides far and quickly; by unable to provide good assistance you can negatively effect your organization's prospectus for years to come.


Secondly, appreciate the value of identification. A demand to soft obtained from a organization about which the buy official knows nothing is unlikely to get a positive reaction. The more the buy official knows about you and your organization, the better. There is no need, however, to saturate prospective customers with amounts of marketing literary works. You simply have to get across to your prospective customers a sequence of key components associated with your item, be it a provide or a assistance.

Promoting Your Image

Convince prospective customers of your ability to fulfill all the following key factors and you are well on your way to successful tendering.


It almost goes without saying that top quality matters. However, many organizations still do not consider ISO Documentation to be a requirement. It is! One of the first requirements in assessment is confidence on top quality. ISO certification gives that assurance. Although agreement records may state that if you do not have top quality certification you may offer other details which facilitates your offering of a top quality procedure, when it comes to evaluating those with certification against those working an unacknowledged program, the unacknowledged program will be at a drawback whenever. All gov divisions are devoted to accomplishing traders in individuals. They identify the value of training to make sure their functions are performed at the the best possible stage and the effect of ISO certification on any organization working straight with the public can in the same way be valued. Your commitment to accomplishing ISO certification will not only help your organization straight, but others will also see it as the sign of a powerful, forward-looking organization.


How can you persuade your customer that your items or services is reliable?

You have started the procedure by accomplishing ISO certification. This shows that you are offering top quality items created by top quality item created by top quality individuals.

Now you have to offer further assurance and assures. If you are buying colour for your house you would wish to deal with lodge logic. 'Paint companies' catalogues usually go to great measures to persuade prospective buyers that their items are efficient, for example by welcoming you to examine their item in house configurations within their showrooms; by offering a 10-year guarantee; by having the procedure protected by top quality procedures; by focusing the high organization's materials used; or by offering recommendations of their items from previous customers.

You must do the same. Provide assures, supported by an insurance coverage if necessary, and make sure that whenever you complete a job the consumer symptoms a 'Satisfaction Accreditations to the purchasing division from previous customers of similar characteristics. Illustrate the item in an atmosphere within which it would be used. Provide examples if possible. Provide duplicates of any articles that have showed up in the trade media regarding your items or details on test results where your items have been analyzed against those of your competitors.

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